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Scammer Alert

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I recently had the privilege of having my identity stolen. I say privilege because far too often we become complacent about our personal information. It’s often not until you’ve been stung yourself do you realise how prevalent and sophisticated these scammers can be. How vulnerable are you in today’s information-hungry world?Author: Clinton SmithIf you would […]


Three Ways to Beat Goal Discouragement

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Have you ever had the experience where you set out to achieve a goal, begin to have some success (like a week or two) and you seem to peter out along the way?  You fall off the wagon, get an injury, something upsets the routine; there is always something. Then discouragement creeps in.  Your mind […]


Could CoWorking be the answer to business success?

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Distractions are endless Several weeks ago I decided I’d had enough of sitting at home at my dreary desk watching the cat continuously lick herself. The continuous drone of commercial radio, mixed with backyard lawn mowing and street traffic, was becoming a bore. Who can seriously work like this full time? I started to ask […]


Should I fix my roof – DIY or professional tips

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In this article “Should I fix my roof – DIY or professional tips” we consider should I bother fixing my roof in a DIY or professional manner. If you’re in the market for a new roof or repairs, here are some installation benefits. Benefits of New Roofing and Maintenance While a new roof or even […]


Alternative Travel Means – Safety For Women

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Uber started a revolution in offering alternative travel means for those that want to look outside of traditional taxi services; this alone has said to improve safety for women. This has been taken a few steps further by some new exciting startup transportation network companies offering alternatives such as women only drivers and pre-arranged co-sharing […]